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Wear comfortable walking shoes

You may have to walk up to 2 km (1.2-mile) before reaching the grandstand seats located in front of the pits or in the Senna corner. Walking shoes, sneakers or flat heels shoes are most appropriate. Please take into account the walking distance to your seat, in order to be on time for the beginning of the race sessions.
Take the shortest path to your seats
From the subway station (Métro), there are two bridges available to access the island where the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is located. The fastest way to get to the Grandstands 1, 2, 11, 12 is to turn right (West) and take the pathway alongside the basin and the fountains located outside the subway station. You can then take the Concorde Bridge and follow the signs. To reach the grandstands 15, 31 and 34 (located at the East end of the track), turn left after the subway station building, cross the Cosmos Bridge and follow the signs.
Bring your binoculars, camera and portable radio
Gear up to make sure you don't miss a thing. Tune into FM radio on your personal radio (frequency to be announced later) to hear the on-track broadcast. Bring a pair of binoculars to get a close-up view of the teams at work if of course your seat is located in front of the pits. You are authorized to take pictures of the cars on track if they are for your personal use only.
Bring a hat or a cap and your sunscreen lotion
The NAPA Auto Parts 200 Presented by Dodge will take place in August. We anticipate a warm and sunny weekend, therefore please protect yourself from the summer sun with a hat, a good sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.
Chairs, coolers and other accessories
The organizers reserve the right to prohibit anything onto the site that could be harmful to spectators or participants at the event, including ladders and other folding items. Glass containers are prohibited. In order to free the circulation in the stands and maintain the comfort and security of the spectators, coolers containing beverages or food for personal consumption must fit under the seats in an area with the following dimensions: 22.8 cm (9 inches) height, 45.7 cm (18 inches) length, 25.4 cm (10 inches) depth.
Being an early bird is an advantage
If possible, arrive early in order to locate and reach your grandstand seat. If you hold a general admission ticket, you stand a better chance of enjoying the best view by getting to the site early.
Relax and enjoy your day
Tens of thousands of people will come to the track everyday. Since nobody wants to miss any of the on-track action, food concessions and restrooms will be especially busy between sessions. We ask you to please be patient during these moments. Exiting the site after the race on Sunday will take time, we advise you to relax and visit the beautiful gardens located around the track or enjoy the scenic riverfront views of Montreal. You could also find a shady area to unwind while the crowd shuffles out.